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Thailand Partners

Outdoor School Bangkok

Outdoor School Bangkok offers our intern au pairs the opportunity to give young children a lifelong learning experience through regular play outdoors in a natural setting. Inspired by the famous forest kindergarten concept, the school offers a stimulating green space within 1,600 sqm area in the heart of Bangkok (Sukumvit 46) easy access via BTS Phra Kanong– ample space for children to learn and develop in a fascinating and fun environment.



Storytime International Preschool

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Storytime International Preschool's students range from 18 months to 6 years of age, from international and Thai families.  While English is a second language to many of the students, it's the core language of instruction and all teachers are fluent English speakers.  ABC's intern au pairs conduct a 200+ hour assistant-teacher internship under the oversight of Storytime's experienced faculty and are responsible to:

- Meet the morning busses and escort children safely into school.

- Assist the children at meal, snack, nap, and toilet times to include diaper changing.

- Lead and participate in structured and unstructured play.

- Guide children in their daily routine and with teacher assigned tasks.

- Organize and maintain books and classroom material.

- Assist teachers to plan and prepare for classes.

- Clean and sanitize toys and playground equipment.

- Report to the school by 8:00am Monday through Friday.



Bangkok Mothers & Babies International (BAMBI)

B.A.M.B.I. (Bangkok Mothers & Babies International) (1982): Is a project of the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT), and a non-profit organization run by volunteer mothers. It aims is to provide support and companionship for pregnant women and parents of young children of all nationalities in Bangkok.  BAMBI organizes playgroups and activities for parents and children throughout Bangkok; ABC au pairs supports BAMBI by caring for the children of volunteers during the events.



Fun-arium Bangkok

Fun-arium is an indoor edutainment and event center located in the heart of Bangkok, offering playground equipment, bikes, basketball and soccer, cooking and art classes, and children's parties.  To intern at Fun-arium, candidates undergo additional background checks and in-person interviews to insure compatibility with childcare. Interns at Fun-arium:

- Interact with international expatriate children and families, thereby testing their cultural adaptability and sharpening their English language skills.

- Coach safe play on playground equipment and with sports gear.

- Are evaluated over time by their co-workers and Funarium's supervisors, proving the motivation, desire and ability to be top-notch childcare providers.


Heads and Tails Storytelling

Heads and Tales is a roving storytelling project that engages young children in the delightful world of stories and hands-on art activities.  ABC au pairs assist the storyteller by guiding children through crafts, helping children maintain focus on the stories, and caring for children during breaks.  Au pairs learn how to entertain children by making stories come alive.


Expatriate Parents

Bangkok is an international city, host to families from around the world.  Many expat families rely on ABC's intern au pairs to care for their children, while providing feedback and advice to shape them into even better childcare providers.  Families appreciate ABC intern au pairs for:

- Western childcare practices

- English and Thai fluency

- Play date arrangements with other expat children

- Engagement with and attention to children

- Focus on childcare rather than housework

- Motivation

- Educational and professional achievements

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